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*Note: All applicants must have an official copy of their high school transcript and other college transcripts sent to the Office of Admissions at DBC.

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Program applying for:

 Certificate of Biblical Studies (1 yr.)

 Diploma of Biblical Education (4 yr.)

 Diploma of Biblical Studies (2 yr.)

 Diploma of Biblical Ministry (2 yr. post grad)

Please check your primary area of academic interest:

 Pastoral Studies

 Bible Doctrine


 Church Music - Education

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 Christian Missions

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 Christian Political Science

 Church Administration

 Culinary Ministry


 Christian Education - Preschool

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 Christian Education - Special

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*If applying for a scholarship, please submit an application for financial assistance.

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Statement of Intent

"I do hereby make application for the Dayspring Bible College & Seminary and agree, if accepted, to cheerfully abide by all rules and regulations and cooperate fully in every respect in advancing the Christian testimony of the Dayspring Bible College & Seminary. I have read the Catalog and Student Handbook and am in full agreement with its policies, procedures, and other information contained therein."


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