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AP102 Apologetics

BI109 Bible Doctrine

CL104 Bible Study Software

BI101 Biblical Introduction

CL101 Biblical Separation

CL301 Christian Ethics in Ministry

BI110 Church History I

BI210 Church History II

AP202 Complete Creation

CL105 Christian Manhood

CL106 Christian Womanhood

BI202 Corinthians

AP301 Cults

BI401 Daniel

TH101 Errors of Calvinism and Arminianism

AP101 Evangelism Made Simple

CL204 Foundations for the Biblical Family

BI211 Hermeneutics

AP201 History of the Received Text

AP106 Manners & Customs of Bible Lands

BI206 New Testament Survey

TH304 Old Testament Hebrew

BI207 Old Testament Survey

CL102 Principles of Christian Music

AP204 Psychology & The Bible

CL214 Spiritual Gifts

TH401 Systematic Theology

BI204 Thessalonians

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Dr. James A Scudder Sr.

Dr. Jim Scudder Jr.

Dr. Phil Stringer

Dr. Tom Cucuzza

Dr. Michael Floyd

Pastor Cary Schmidt

Pastor Neal Dearyan

Pastor Dan Reehoff

Ian Juby

Dr. Bruce Malone

Carl Kerby

Dr. John Morris

Dr. Larry Bednar

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